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Thank you for choosing the World Directory of Practitioners of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy in South Africa where you can find some of the best quality care from a professional South Africa hypnotist, or practitioner of South Africa hypnotherapy, or parts therapy. Hypnotherapy is highly effective at resolving issues such as quitting smoking, and weight loss. Hypnosis in South Africa can also help you overcome fear, anxiety, obtain higher self esteem, confidence, and reach greater self-empowerment.

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  Claudia, Klein,
  Cape Town
  Johannesburg, , 7441
  South Africa

  PHONE: ++27215578447
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  Claudia has always been fascinated by the complexity of the mind, the interwoven levels of consciousness and the body-mind-soul connection. She is a certified non-medical Hypnotherapist and the owner of the South African Institute of Hypnotism.

  Bennie, Louw,
  Cape Town, ,
  South Africa

  PHONE: 27 82 729 8899
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  CHT (Non Medical), CPTF, NLP, HNLP

  Providing individual Life Coaching and Hypnotherapy for people who want to achieve more in life. Designing a better future by becoming more aware of what you want and achieving greatness through change.

  Christopher, Melly, CPTF
  Cocker Street
  Pretoria, , 0081
  South Africa

  PHONE: (+27) 0715567643
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  Hypnosis Practioner

  I am passionate about assisting people to reach their goals and dreams and hypnosis is the perfect modality to do that with. Whether it's becoming a non smoker, losing weight, memory re-call, concentration or simply relaxation give me a call and lets get together.

  Hendrik, Baird, CHt (non-medical)/ CPTF
  255 27th Avenue
  Pretoria, , 0186
  South Africa

  PHONE: 27833792489
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  Professional Hypnotist

  Hendrik Baird is a Professional Hypnotist who specialises in smoking cessation, weight management, stress relief and other issues. As a full time hypnosis practitioner, Hendrik is dedicated to helping his clients overcome their problems by accessing their inner resources.

  Rolina, Vorster, BA Vis Com, CPTF
  51 De Bruinstreet
  Ermelo, , 2351
  South Africa

  PHONE: +27 72 850 4683
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  Certified Parts Therapist

  Sessions are very Client Centered and I am very high on client confidentiality. Private and couples sessions available.

  Rod, Waddington CHt, Hypnottherapist, NLP, MTh
  19 Styger St
  Klerksdorp, , 2571
  South Africa

  PHONE: (018) 462 4656
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  Rod performs those little miracles that have have major positive outcomes by using coaching, hypnosis and parts therapy. You have started a wonderful journey let Rod help you reach your goal.

  Gretha, Brazelle, CPTF
  16 Rosendal
  Johannesburg, , 2196
  South Africa

  PHONE: 27799452799
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  Certified Parts therapist

  I have used self hypnosis for many years to create transformation in my own life, this has lead to my love of this modality and my desire to assist people in their journey to self growth and transformation.

  Marie, Helm, CHT (Non - Medical)
  PO Box 420
  Hoedspruit, , 1380
  South Africa

  PHONE: +27 82 683 2835
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  CHT (Non - Medical)

  Hypnotherapy is a powerful modality for positive and lasting change. Once mastered, it will change your live forever.

  Aira, Klopper,
  Honeydew, Johnnesburg, , 2140
  South Africa

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  Christopher, Melly, Hypnosis Practitioner
  Pretoria, , 0081
  South Africa

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  Tracy , Clifford Statt,
  Knysna, , 6571
  South Africa

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  Hypnosis Professional (Clinical Hypnotherapist UK)

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