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Thank you for choosing the World Directory of Practitioners of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy in Portugal where you can find some of the best quality care from a professional Portugal hypnotist, or practitioner of Portugal hypnotherapy, or parts therapy. Hypnotherapy is highly effective at resolving issues such as quitting smoking, and weight loss. Hypnosis in Portugal can also help you overcome fear, anxiety, obtain higher self esteem, confidence, and reach greater self-empowerment.

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  Celso, Oliveira,
  Rua da Alcada
  VALEGA-OVAR, , 3880-531

  PHONE: +351918598866
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  We are caring your emotions!

  carlos, castro, Dr. Carlos Castro
  Rua da Alegria, 964
  Porto, , 4000-000

  PHONE: 912900390
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  A Hipnose não é tudo...é o principio de tudo.

  Joel, Reis,
  Oliveira do Bairro, ,

  PHONE: +351914684515
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  Hypnotherapy is sometimes considered a science, others an art, but for me it's mostly a Passion. Our mind has amazing capabilities that sometimes even seem magical, dare to amaze yourself and feel the difference ...

  Alexandra, Eduardo, NLP coach/Hypnosis Pract
  Rua Mouzinho de Albuquerque, nº 16
  Estoril, , 2765-258

  PHONE: 00351914606004
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  With an eccletic training in Ericksonian Hypnosis, using a state of relaxation to access the subconscious, where the memories and the backgrounds of all our current behaviours, in order to remove the trauma and give an unique sense of well-being

  carmen , ferreira,
  Rua dr.santana dionisio
  Porto, , 4250-422

  PHONE: +351919046970
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  As Carl Jung said " Who looks outside, dreams;who looks inside ,awake", so dare to awake to a happier life.

  Adolfo, Carvalho, Clinical Hypnotherapist
  Espinho, , 4500

  PHONE: (00351)924126168
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  Clinical Hypnotherapist

  Believe: you already have all the resources you need to heal yourself. I can only make it easier and faster.


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